Unmanned Traffic Management

Laying the foundation for safe and reliable aerial delivery

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What is UTM?

Registered drones far outnumber the number of conventional aircrafts. This means that there is in imperative need of a mainstream aerial traffic management system that governs the movement of unmanned aerial vehicles safely. This system is more commonly termed as Unmanned Traffic Management (or UTM).


We are working tirelessly to develop an effective UTM system that can result in safer skies and quicker deliveries. 

The Future of drone deliveries is no longer a matter of 'If' because it's more a matter of 'When'.

Our Goal

To build a framework that paves that way for an efficient and effective airborne delivery network. 

What We Value


The network that we're building in the sky is supposed to serve the hard working individuals on the ground. It is imperative that the drone network doesn't put ground dwellers at any dorm of risk.


Innovation is redundant if it doesn't serve the masses. We at Skye Air are constantly working around the clock to ensure that this technology is accessible to as many businesses and individuals as possible.


Skye Air Drones are not the only objects in the sky. This calls for a proper integration with regional air traffic control to ensure facilitation of airspace.  

Want to know more about what we're doing?

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